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One part sharing the sales and one part accountability, here is what caught my eye this month – enough to part my hard earned dollars with! Shopping around and a big of waiting can definitely get you big discounts! Who doesn’t love a bargain, right?

I have been waiting until I moved to Melbourne to do a proper winter wardrobe refresh and found that there were a few items that I have been looking for for a while. Now that the house was finally unpacked from the move, it was time to hit the shops in my new city and do some well earned shopping and make the most of the mid year sales.

Bargain vs blunder – My purchase rules:

> never pay full price

> research options online and comparison shop for the best deal

> no impulse buys – wait a minimum of 24 hours after wanting it

> must go with other items in my wardrobe

> I must LOVE it!



Lorna Jane – Camino Puffer Jacket $80.00

I have been looking for a camo print puffer jacket for ages, and when I say looking I mean SEARCHING! Online, all over Chadstone (the largest shopping centre in Australia) and all over the South Wharf DFO and even in the mens department! I think I was a little late on the bandwagon for this trend because all the ones that I saw online were sold out, super expensive or just the wrong style. I stumbled across this baby in the sale section of the Lorna Jane website while I was looking at tights (don’t judge me, I didn’t buy any). A quick google revealed it to be cheaper on The Iconic, and Catch but I wanted to try it on in real life before committing to purchase. Lucky I did because at the Lorna Jane outlet it was reduced even further to $80! The deal was sealed and it is now mine :)


was $179.99
paid $80.00
saved $99.99

I have a black puffer jacket in my wardrobe but wanted something a little more interesting to get me through winter to throw on when I go out to the gym/shopping/errands cos we all know that morning chill is a killer! I have always been a major fan of khaki and have a fair bit of it in my wardrobe so it will go with a lot of my clothes. Absolutely love the drawstrings on the sides and it is super warm! I have already worn it about 5 times in the last week.

Zara – Kim K vibes – I thought this would be the one and loved the orange lining. After trying this on I found it was a little too cropped to be practical for me
Bardot - again with the neon orange lining



So the obsession with embracing a lighter colour palette and working it into my wardrobe continues this month. I know winter is all about embracing the darkness but I have not been able to get enough of neutrals in my wardrobe lately. I have finally moved on from all white everything to another colour – oatmeal (nude/beige/you get the drift). Tonally it works great with existing items in my wardrobe and is within my colour palette.

Glassons – Linen Blend Wrap Dress $19.99

was $59.99
paid $19.99
saved $40.00

In case you didn’t know, Glassons has seriously stepped up their game in the last year or so and are killing it with their current styles. It is the place to go for affordable linen blend pieces (which I now own several of) and I saw this lovely wrap dress on sale. I broke the rule of wanting it for more than 24 hours but for under $20 I can live with that. The dress is now sold out on line but there are many similar available at on the Glassons website.

Bardot Kara Cable Knit Jumper – $30


was $119.99
paid $30.00
saved $89.99

This ticked all the boxes for me, puffy sleeves, roll neck, a chunky knit and super comfy! It has some alpaca wool in there so it was very snuggly when I tried it on in store but alas it was makes down to $40 so I left it. Luckily I did as the next time I went in there a few days later, it was further marked down to $30, worth the wait!

Uniqlo – Compact Cotton turtleneck long sleeve t-shirt $9.90

Uniqlo – Extra Fine Relaxed V Neck Sweater $19.90


Roll neck (purchased in black)

was $19.90
paid $9.90
saved $10.00


Merino sweater

was $49.90
paid $19.90
saved $30.00


I love Uniqlo for basics and have had a black roll neck top on my list of things to get for a while. I have a black merino jumper that I wear to work no stop so added a grey version to my wardrobe with a V neck to wear collared shirts underneath. These bargains were one of the in store specials for the week.

Shoes & Accessories

Let’s be real of course I bought shoes and a bag, my main weaknesses when it comes to shopping! The markdowns were amazing on these and they were all items that I had identified as gaps in my wardrobe so guilt free for me :)

Bardot – Quilted purse bag $5.00

image via

was $39.99
paid $5.00
saved $34.99

I have been looking online extensively for a white bag to add to my wardrobe for a while, I was thinking top handle or a small hip bag when I saw this in Bardot on the same day I tried the jumper on and it was reduced to $20 at that point. It gave me major Gucci Marmont vibes but cost about $1500 less! When I went back and got the jumper I found it reduced to $5 and the decision was made. For the price of a coffee I found myself a fab designer dupe! I noticed a girl giving me side eye when I was walking down the street the first time I wore it trying to see if it was the gucci one ha ha. It is now sold out but still available in black.

Sportsgirl – Alex Reptile Pointed Boot $29.99


was $89.95
paid $29.95
saved $60.00

I have always been a big fan of sports girl shoes as they last quite well and are very affordable when you pick them up on sale. Snake print is here to stay and I am an ankle boot addict so this was the perfect fit for me! I looked at the Topshop version of these a while ago (inspiration from Hello October) and then when sports girl had 50% off the already reduced price, the price was right! I have worn these out and about around the city all day and they are great. I have a feeling these are going to be new favourites.

Sportsgirl – Leather Eastwood Boot $39.90

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.12.22 pm

was $129.95
paid $40.00
saved $89.95

I know, yet more boots. I am permanently on the lookout for the perfect black ankle boot for every day wear (not too high a heel, comfortable, pull on). I found it with my Acne pistol boots but realised that I was wearing them to death and wanted some boots that I could thrash around and not worry about them getting ruined. I was really wanting the Honesty Boots from Wittner but at $250 could not bring myself to buy them until I really needed new boots, luckily I waited. Leather boots for $40 is a yes from me and they are comfortable to boot (see what I did there).

Lovisa – Antique Gold Ornate Lead Ring 8 Pack $10.00

Lovisa ring pack

was $14.99
paid $10.00
saved $4.99

Keeping up my gold jewellery rampage that I have been on lately, I wanted some more chunky rings that were still sort of dainty, these filagree designs were perfect. I only wanted two rings out of this pack to wear but they were more expensive to buy separately in the loose rings section so picked up the pack. I actually got 2 ring packs as there was a 2 for $20 deal but when I got home and tried one pack on, I realised they were not quite what I wanted so returned one pack and kept this one.


MAC x Sammy Robinson – The Bare Lip Kit $49.00

Bare lip kit

was $66.00 if purchased separately (not in kit)
paid $49.00
saved $17.00

Thank you Sammy Robinson for picking my favourite Mac lip products to put into a value pack! My velvet teddy had run out recently and I had not gotten around to getting one, and body bare is an all time fave so this was perfect.

Ok, so technically this was not on sale per se BUT buying these separately would have cost me $66, so it counts! I also purchased it as a click and collect from Myer using Shopback, so I will get a little bit extra back.

The Ordinary –  Niacinimide Serum 10% $9.90



I use the Hylauronic serum from The Ordinary and it definitely does the job for the price, so I thought I would try out this serum. I used to get this ingredient from my Rationale Immunologist which is by far superior but considering it is $170, I thought I would give this a go. Breaking my rule, this was not on sale but for under $10 I feel like that makes it exempt!

At the end of the day…

Man, that turned out to be a massive haul and I am loving the bargains I am finding in Melbourne, the shops and options are really great here. I have already used or work all of these items and they are a great fit into my wardrobe.

Total Value: $780.55



Well, safe to say that operation Winter wardrobe was a complete success! Until next time,



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