Week 4 – Your Tea Tiny Tea – 28 day tea tox challenge

The Tea

Last week! The teatox is nearly at an end. I am feeling a little sad that I won’t have my regular cuppa. While it will be a relief not to be so regimented I am actually a bit worried about how I will feel when I don’t have the tea pepping me up anymore. I am curious to see if I notice a difference, I may not, or I may crash and burn!

I am going to miss my study buddy!

I am going to miss my study buddy!

Effects and Results

One thing I was not expecting to see was cellulite reduction. I didn’t even realise it had happened until I was putting on some body lotion the other day. While it has not completely disappeared, any reduction is always welcome. I was pretty surprised with this result, I double checked the your tea web site and they do list this as a possible effect, what a bonus! If cellulite reduction is all that is you are looking for, Your Tea do an Anti C tea for that (I have not tried this).

For an impatient person like myself at times, this tea is good because you do notice changes and results immediately and over the course of the tea tox. I try not to repeat myself too much over these posts and talk about different things I am noticing but my energy levels are still up, I have not felt bloated the whole time either and the sugar cravings are still at bay. The weight loss component wasn’t that dramatic this week but at least I didn’t gain anything.

I am starting to run low :(

I am starting to run low :(

This part is just for the girls, it was that time of the month this week and my period pain was significantly reduced. I actually forgot it was coming up because I didn’t notice the usual feelings in my body! I don’t normally get that much pain any way but it was a lot less than usual and I didn’t feel as moody or lethargic. Yay! I know that period pain can effect people a lot more severely so tiny tea could be a good natural way to help minimise the discomfort.

I went out for dinner on Friday night and didn’t order alcohol or soft drink. What did I order? Water and a chinese TEA! What is happening to me! I also did 5 gym sessions this week including 3 double classes ( I usually only do 1 class) and I voluntarily went on a jog! WTF.

Although I have now completed the designated 28 days, due to my lack of diligence I have a few tea bags left over so I will drink it until it has all gone, then have a few days off to see what changes I notice post-tea tox . Then will post my final verdict and summary upon completion so stay tuned!

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Week 4 Summary: 

Cups of tea:   20/21

Gym sessions:   5 (2 x core class, 1 x spin then pump, 1 x 30 min jog, 1 x pump then yoga)

Restaurant/ take away meals: 4/28

Alcoholic beverages: 1 x cider

Weight loss:  -0.4 kg

12 cups to go! 
28 days complete, final summary here

I am not a health professional and am simply sharing my experience with you. I am not qualified to provide medical advice. I do not have any association with Your Tea.

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