Week 2 – Your Tea Tiny Tea – 28 day tea tox challenge

HALF WAY!!! Wow, 2 weeks go by so fast! I am now in the routine of drinking tea before my meals.

Tip:  Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes after drinking it so you know when you can eat!

The Tea:

I am now used to the taste of the tea and liking it a lot moreMake sure you let the tea steep for long enough before you drink it, or better yet, leave the bag in the cup (I am normally one of those people who hates doing this because I think it makes the flavour bitter). Your Tea recommends letting it steep for 5-7 minutes but I don’t usually have that much time to stand around waiting so I now leave the bag in the cup. There is no point in paying $55 for tea if you are going to drink it weak. I want to gain the full effect of the ingredients it contains!

Warm cup of goodness, should have left the bag in!

Warm cup of goodness, should have left the bag in!

Effects and Results

Interestingly, I actually gained weight this week. I donated blood on the Monday and the Red Cross always feed you afterwards resulting in consumption of kit kats, a mars bar and a chocolate muffin. I also took it easy after my dehydration episode the week before (see last post) so didn’t hit the gym so hard. I have noticed that my body is a lot more responsive to what is going in, that muffin was making me feel sick by the time I had finished it because it was so sweet. I also noticed after I indulged in a cheese platter, an hour later I wasn’t feeling so good!

One MAJOR change that I have noticed are my sugar cravings. They have pretty much VANISHED! I used to get a pick and mix lolly bag to snack on while I was studying most days *sigh* bad I know, but I needed that sugar hit to stay awake and alert. No more red bulls required, I have tea! I have found that when I do eat chocolate/ice cream/ [insert sugary food here] now it is because I want it more out of habit, not because I have that real need that I have to have it. I feel like I have even more room to improve in this area.

I am keeping a food diary for the first time throughout the tea tox and it has been really interesting to look at how much I exactly eat. It definitely makes you take stock and realise how much or how little of things you put into your body. I am especially noticing how much alcohol I am drinking, Your Tea  to cut out drinking during the tea tox to get the best out of it, together with the following:

1. Drink warm/hot water each day – no more than 1- 1.5L (unless you’re running marathons?!)
2. Sleep with a heat pack on your stomach each night after dinner
3. Avoid raw vegetables and fruit: Cook/blanch/stew all vegetables and fruits
4. Cut out sugar – including energy drinks, muffins, muesli bars, coffee – an cut out alcohol!!!
5. Walk every day – a 2-3km walk is amazing to get your system moving. Make sure it is brisk!
6. Eat all meals warm/cooked – ie; stews, soups, toasties, hot pots – avoid salad sandwiches/cereals – this really needs to be adhered to in order to feel full benefits. Fill your body with lean protein, eggs, tofu, beans, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds. Bread needs to be Rye or grain.
7. Breakfast: hot oats with some nuts and seeds, or eggs with avocado - no cold yoghurts/cereals to start to the day!  A cup of hot water with lemon every morning, add a pinch of fresh ginger too
8. Dinner: eat no later than 7pm and avoid large dinners (food gives you energy, energy is not needed when you’re soon to be sleeping!)
9. Eat larger meals earlier in the day, smaller later in the day
10. Sleep: bed at 10pm, up at 6:30am – sleep is VITAL for healthy digestion

So I am not following these rules religiously, in fact I am breaking more than I am following in order to see the pure tea effects over me just being healthy for a month.

I am feeling pretty good and enjoying the tea tox so far. Could it be that the tea is doing exactly what it claims to do? Or am I now just a lot more conscious of my eating habits? Time will tell…

How is your tea tox going? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @flickofapproval.

See you in week 3…
Flick xx

Week 2 Summary: 

Cups of tea:   20/21

Gym sessions:   2 (1 x core and 1 x pump class, 1 x combat class)

Restaurant/ take away meals: 4/28

Alcoholic beverages: 5 x cider, 1 x vodka

Weight loss:   +0.3kg

49 cups to go! 

I am not a health professional and am simply sharing my experience with you. I am not qualified to provide medical advice. I do not have any association with Your Tea.

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