Week 1 – Your Tea Tiny Tea – 28 day tea tox challenge

Well it has been 7 days already! So the first week hasn’t gone exactly to plan (more on that later) but I am enjoying it so far.

My new morning pal.

My new morning pal.

My biggest challenge so far is ensuring that I drink it 30 minutes prior to each daily meal. It has made me appreciate how much I am used to immediate gratification of having a meal whenever I feel like, I am a lot more conscious of when I eat now. There have been a couple of occasions which I have forgotten to have it and I drank it with a meal or after a meal, mainly at dinner time. Your Tea advises against late night consumption so I will be a lot more conscientious from now on .

Essential Tools:
One major thing that has enabled me to do this challenge is my trusty Keep Cup! I would definitely advise getting some sort of travel mug before starting the challenge if you aren’t at work or somewhere that you have ready access to a mug at all times. This has been a godsend, particularly for my lunch time tea which I can make at uni or wherever I am 30 minutes before lunch, it is also great for my pre-dinner tea if I am not at home. Tea on the go is a common occurrence!
I would die without this!

I would die without this!

The Tea:
So does the tea actually taste good? As someone who has a limited palate when it comes to experimenting with tea it doesn’t taste bad! It is a lot stronger than I expected, and has a sort of smokey flavour that I am not that keen on, its just tastes like a herbal tea, the oolong flavour is probably the most prevalent but it is a little fruity as well. I like that you can almost feel the goodness going inside you as you drink! I haven’t bothered adding lemon or honey as Your Tea suggests, I personally don’t think it need anything extra to make it easier to drink or taste better.
Effects and Results:
I noticed a strange things in the first few days of the tea-tox, I was in an extremely good mood and relaxed! It dramatically affected my mood and I felt great! After a couple of days I went back to my normal self but I did notice an increase in energy. I didn’t experience any breakouts in my skin as Your Tea says can sometimes happen which was good. After one week I had lost 900g.
In my summary you will notice I only drank 15/21 cups of tea, I had major interruption. I went out for dinner on Friday night, had a late one and drank a lot more alcohol than usual (see summary). The next morning I went to a Bikram Yoga class at 8:00am. What an idiot! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Bikram yoga, it is a 90 minute yoga class in a 40 degree room. I thought I had drank enough water afterwards but I woke up the next day feeling VERY weak and not so good in the stomach. I got car sick on the way home and before you know it I was vomiting, bed ridden and unable to keep food down. Classic case of severe dehydration! After 2 days of cups of water, hydralite and rest I was back to my normal self. I had lost 2.2kg in 2 days! Not a good or healthy thing (I since put the wieght back on in the days following). It was my first ever Bikram class and I am not advocating it as a bad, it has changed the lives of people I know and with responsible practice can be great! I did actually enjoy the class and would be willing to give it another go.  The tea did not contribute to my dehydration in any way, I contacted tiny tea and confirmed it is not a diuretic at all and keeps the body hydrated. I simply was not hydrated enough prior to and following the class and was very silly to go with a hangover! Lesson learnt.
Feeling optomistic, interested to see how I go in week 2. See you soon tea sippers!
Flick xx

Week 1 Summary: 

Cups of tea:   15/21

Gym sessions:  1 x Pump class, 1 x Bikram yoga

Restaurant/ take away meals: 6/28

Alcoholic beverages: 2 x vodka, 3 x wine, 1 x cider

Weight loss:   -0.9kg

69 cups to go! 

I am not a health professional and am simply sharing my experience with you. I am not qualified to provide medical advice. I do not have any association with Your Tea.

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