love the life you live

Love the life you live – Thursday Thought

So I was just doing my standard google browse for cool image quotes. I like to pin or save any image that I like the format,layout, or if it resonates with me. I stumbled upon this little fella:


Great message. Not only is it important to live your life exactly as it is but to appreciate every second, even the not so good times.

Without the lows, we can never appreciate the highs.

Well that is a great Thursday Thought but you know what, this being in love with life stuff got me thinking. How much time we spend thinking about our dreams and how our ‘perfect life’ or ‘perfect future’ will look. The key word, FUTURE. What about RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong, goals/aspirations/dreams are fantastic but lets bring it back to the present from time to time.

It is important not to get so caught up thinking about the future that we forget about what is happening right now.

If you look around, today isn’t so bad! Yes, you may not be exactly where you want to be but lets be grateful for what we do have. Your family, your friends, your partner, even your comfy pillow. You may be grateful for having your body and being able to do that workout, it can be anything! I could go a lot more into gratitude practice but I will save that for another time. If we remember to love our life as it is right now, then we will automatically live a life that we love.

We work towards what we want by living a small part of it each day. If you want to get fit, each day you move your body and eventually you will improve your fitness. By loving your life as it is right now and doing things today that light you up, you will create the life that you love! So here is my version I made:

love the life you live

The background photo I took is at a beach in Beaumaris, Tasmania.

What are you grateful for? What can you do today to create a life that you love? Share with me in the comments below or tweet me @flickofapproval

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