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Happiness Takes Effort – Thursday Thought

I read this article the other day that someone shared on Facebook from cracked.com titled “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person” by David Wong. Curiosity piqued, I checked it out (warning, it contains lots of swearing). Agree with the content or not, it is definitely an interesting read and a no frills approach to self improvement. Out of the whole article there was one quote that really stood out to me:

here is the full quote:

“Misery is comfortable. It’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.” – David Wong

It sort of links back to  another Thursday Thought about being in your comfort zone. Key message -  If you are unhappy it is easier to stay the same, do nothing and wonder why nothing changes. You have to put in the effort for the change and happiness to happen! In the context of the article it was explaining why people resist change and like to criticize others. It was definitely refreshing, I prefer a down the line ‘get real’ approach when it comes to quotes like this as I gain more motivation from it. I have been used to seeing quotes about happiness that were a bit more pretty and namby pamby like this:

image via Pintrest

Not to say this does not have a good message, I like it but it is not as much of a reality check.

Have you read the article? What did you think? With over 16 million hits and 10,000 comments it is definitely getting people talking.

Check out my Flick of Approval board on Pintrest for more of my fave happiness quotes. The image used in the first quote is a shot taken by me down at Devils Kitchen at Eaglehawk Neck :)

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