How to take your blog to the next level – 4 steps and my secret weapon

I love blogging but have found it so hard to find the time to take it to the next level. These 4 steps will point you in the right direction and I will share with my secret weapon!. Have you ever come across a blog and thought “I want mine to look that good” or “this blogger totally gets me”? It has been a long time since my last post but I had the opportunity to share this with you and it has spurred me into action.

1. Be Yourself

Don’t you just love reading an article and it totally resonates like it is talking directly to you? These are the blogs that you sign up for updates and come back to check regularly. So how do you get your readers to tune in? The answer is simple, BE YOURSELF. You know what people hate and can sense a mile away? FAKENESS. Authenticity is your best friend. We all have a unique perspective on the world so share yours. There is no point trying to copy someone else’s style because guess what, the original is doing a pretty good job already and a replica will never beat an original. No one else can convey your thoughts better than you. Woo hoo! You are an expert blogger already – on all things you. Do not forget it.

2. Kill Doubt

That overwhelmed voice that comes into our head. That blog envy of the perfect template. It happens to the best of us. Who would not love a shiny site that reflects our message personally. Remember that professional blogs are usually backed by many employees and web developers that cost a pretty penny. Play around with some different templates and add a few simple customisations to make your blog unique.

Focus on what is different about your blog and emphasise that. Creative? Use images as a highlight. Content rich? Find a simple, clean template and let the content speak for itself. We all start somewhere and it is much more important to get the essence or personality of your blog sorted before all the bells and whistles.

Content wise when you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling for inspiration or the old “I am not good enough”. See point number 1. DO YOU because no one else is a bigger expert and we all have something to contribute! If you get writers block just take a break, and come back when inspiration hits. It may be minutes, hours or weeks but it is your blog so you get to make the rules. Win.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

3. Find Your Tribe

Blogging is very individual and can be a bit lonely behind the computer screen tapping away. Build your email list and social media ties. There are other like minded souls out there with the same interests as you believe it or not and once you have found them they become an endless source of support and inspiration (and you never know maybe even a business partner down the track). You are not alone!

4. Get Some Know How

OK so you are feeling pretty good about your blog now and have got some solid posts under your belt. Now is the time to take the next step and get some know how. By this I mean technical knowledge to get your blog looking and running fantasticly and the marketing savvy to make sure you are reaching out to and retaining your audience. Explore social media, change your template, integrate advertising, start a newsletter, learn about HTML, guest blog, get some feature writing savvy. Whatever path you choose is up to you. Time to up skill! See below for a fab solution to this.

My Secret Weapon

I enrolled in an e-course a few months ago called bright eyed and blog hearted. It changed everything and I haven’t even finished the whole course yet (you take it at your own pace)! I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers worldwide to take part in the first round of the course. Round two has just opened up and I am so excited to share the opportunity with you.

It is suitable for anyone, from beginners just starting their blog to businesses looking step it up. I loved the content  (the reason I signed up) which ranges form technical issues like how to do your social media pages, to writing blog posts, to personal stuff like how to address that inner critic and addresses all the points mentioned above and more! The single biggest surprise and the reason that I would do the course a million times over is the Facebook group. Anyone looking for their tribe, here it is! The community of bloggers is so amazing, constant inspiration, help, support, opinions and a fantastic way to connect with others in your field. I cannot say enough great things about this course!

I am so passionate about this course that I became an affiliate, so the below link is an affiliate link. I do not share anything that I have not personally experienced and give the Flick of Approval!

Click here for more information about the course, have a read, there is so much more on the information page then I have explained so check it out for yourself. The page has all the details, testimonials, sample content and everything you need to know about what is involved and how to join up.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.


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