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What the hell is a Podcast? My top Podcasts for 2018

I  Podcasts! I have massively been getting into podcasts lately. When I say massively, I mean non-stop – when I am getting ready for work, walking to work, at lunch, walking home from work, cleaning, the list goes on! I don’t know if any of you have experienced this when you first start listening, but once you start, you sort of…


I meditated every day for 30 days and this happened.

When we think of meditation, something like the image above probably comes to mind. A blissed out hippie sitting crossed legged in nature, a monk in the mountains, a yoga class. In reality, millions of regular people meditate around the world every day. Meditation is a common trait among the highly successful, think Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Russell Simmons, Oprah,…


How a paper bag inspired me to work.

I am back! After a lengthy hiatus I am happy to announce that I am back online, writing and blogging and boy oh boy, I have a lot to share with you over the coming posts. I have refreshed the look of the place and chosen a new feature font for the headings, I just find it so relaxing to…