How a paper bag inspired me to work.

I am back!

After a lengthy hiatus I am happy to announce that I am back online, writing and blogging and boy oh boy, I have a lot to share with you over the coming posts.

I have refreshed the look of the place and chosen a new feature font for the headings, I just find it so relaxing to read! I also found some nice free stock image sites so the page will look a lot prettier for you :)

What was my inspiration for the refreshed look? Well, I wanted more of a classic, minimalist feel and spent a while playing around with what fonts I liked that were not too common. I was on my laptop and looked over at a decorative paper bag I got online. My friend had just recently given me shit about spending $10 on a paper bag that was just sitting in my room but I just loved how it looked. So I researched the font and used it on the page!

A freaking paper bag though. Never underestimate where your inspiration can come from! The bag is a le sac en papier by french design house be poles, so they should know good typography. I had seen them around a fair bit on Instagram and Pinterest and ended up buying one. They are really cute and can be used for a heap of different things (I got mine from here). I now use the bag for storage under my desk and it looks great by the way!

image via

image via

  What happened?

Well, life essentially! Being at uni and working multiple jobs definitely took a toll on the time I spent creating, then life sort of just happened and blogging fell out of my weekly priorities and routine.

  What has changed?

It is sort of funny looking back on what you wrote 4+ years ago. A lot has happened over the last few years including a couple of highlights:

  I got myself a #sidehustle and became a yoga teacher

  I graduated university

  I did some travelling – mainly North America and various countries in Asia

  I turned 30. Yep, that old.

One thing that has stayed the same?


I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow.


Have you recently gotten back into a creative project? What helped you get started? Share with me in the comments or on instagram @flickofapproval

Looking forward to chatting with you more soon about lifestyle, wellness and who knows? We will see where this goes.

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