How to drink more water

I am sure you have heard a million times that we need to drink at least [insert amount] of water here. Well yes that is true but drinking water all the time is kinda annoying. So I gave myself a challenge and made it my mission to drink 1-2 Litres every day for 30 days. How did I go?

 Well… I did it! It was actually surprisingly simple and easy.

 How I did it – Flick’s tips for success

  1. Add it into to your daily routine – A no brainer, make it a rule to drink a glass first thing in the morning and last thing at night. When you clean your teeth makes an easy add on.
  2. Get a new drink bottle, a big one – Have it with you at all times – one at home and one at work, handbag one if you are keen. This was the BIGGEST thing that helped me achieve this goal. I made it as easy for myself as possible and chose a drink bottle with straw I left open, sitting in front of me on my desk all day at work. All I had to do was pick it up with one hand.
  3. Add it in sneakily – It does not hhave to be plain old tap water the whole time. Add some soda or mineral water to your day (great dinner option to reduce alcohol and soft drink). Drink more tea, shakes, you get the drift.
  4. Add some flavour – Yes, lemon water in the morning is great and popping some cucumber, mint and lemon into your dirnk bottle tastes great and looks oh so chic. Try your own combo (berries are great).
  5. Make it into a game – Draw lines on your bottle with the time of day. eg. by 10am, 11am, 12 pm you have to have drank a certain amount. Another idea is ‘if this, then that’ – If you pick up your phone then you also have a sip.

  Tools of the trade

Click on the images for how I use each bottle and shop below:

Typo 1L drink bottle

Kikki K set

Kmart insulated bottle

Memobottle  A5 drink bottle

Body Science Shaker bottle


I had no idea how little I drank and how dehydrated I was until I found out what it was like to actually be hydrated. Here are some things I noticed after the challenge.

plumps the under eye area and gets rid of those pesky dark circles (yes, sleep helps but this did too)

helps to clear and brighten your skin generally

more energy

no sore throat when waking up. You know that dry mouth feeling when you wake up? Gone.

Less headaches (especially if I had a few drinks the night before).

More liquids means more bathroom breaks, way more. You get used to it though.

  Final thoughts

This habit was surprisingly easy to pick up. As soon as the drink bottle was there, I automatically picked it up and sipped without even thinking. Months later I have kept it up and feeling a lot better for it. Why nmot give it a try? Let me know how you go :)

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