Do you suffer from the comparison curse? How to stop comparing yourself to others

Do you often find that you comparing yourself to others? Have you been struck with the comparison curse lately? Read on for my tips on how to stop comparing yourself and I also share some of my favourite comparison picture quotes.

Some things you should know

 #1 We all do it.

Yep, that’s right. Everybody at some point or another with compare themselves to someone else. Phew, you are not alone!, envy i

 #2 Comparison is not the same as envy.

According to dictionary.com, envy is:

“A feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.”

Whereas comparison is:


“To examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences.”


Basically, envy or jealousy is when you want what someone else has and comparison is when you are taking what you have and measuring it against the equivalent of what someone else has/is. Or taking your success and measuring it relative to someone else.

I noticed there were a lot of negative words that popped up in that definition like ‘rival’ and ‘worthy’. Like we need any more negativity in our lives. It is time to banish the comparison curse, pronto!


 #3 You are your biggest rival

You can’t equally compare yourself to someone else because, yes, they are a completely different person with different personality, upbringing…. You get what I am saying. You know what else is different? Your soul. Meaning that we all have our own individual path to take in our own time.

Don’t discount your achievements. Ever.


 What can you do about it?

Want to stop comparing yourself to others? Shift the focus off the other person (external) to yourself (internal). Will thinking about what someone else has relative to you take you forward in any way? Most likely not. What can you do to get where you want? What you already have and how can that get you to get where you want to be.

Time to get some inspiration! Here are some of my favourite picture quotes about comparison. I love the one about blooming. It doesn’t matter what people are doing around you, you have to do what is true to you!


Picture quote credits:

Just bloom, Happiness, Thief of joy, Personality begins where comparison ends, Violence against the self, Don’t compare your beginning


Flick’s Approved tips:

 Give yourself a break, you are human!

 Acknowledge what is going on. What can you do in your life to get where you want to be?

 Let it go and be your fab self, there is enough good vibes out there for everyone.

 Practice makes perfect, you need to keep reminding yourself what to do when comparison hits you.


Not Approved:

 Dwelling on your thoughts and falling into a comparison shame spiral.

 Thinking the person is taking something away from you by being successful.


  Want to know more?

Here is a lovely little article about comparison on becoming minimalist.

There is an entire chapter on this in one of my fave e-books, Spirited which goes to this in depth and has some amazing tips to help you even further (I was shocked at a few but they make perfect sense now!)

After something more spiritual? This is a nice article over at Tiny Buddha.

p.s. I read these blog articles after I wrote this post because I want to make sure my content is not similar :)


When do you notice the comparison curse hitting you? Share with me in the comments.

Have a great week,

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