Hello there.

Welcome to my blog. I am Felicity, also known as Flick and the answer is yes I do like a good play on words! I am a Marketer, yoga teacher and authenticity seeker.

I know what you are thinking… “Urgh, yoga, authenticity…. LAME!”

Well guess what, that is exactly what I used to think.


  How I got here

At 23 years old I thought I was living the life. I loved my home, had a good job, a long term partner, everything I thought I always wanted. I had no idea what the word “wellness” even meant, and the word yoga made my eyes roll, I was a serious sceptic. As I lived my life day to day something happened.

That niggle.

That whisper that slowly gets louder inside.

That feeling that there is somehow more but you don’t quite know what.


It was my intuition.

I ignored it for a long time. I chose to listen to fear, self doubt, confusion, anything that kept me in my safe reality. I ignored it for so long that eventually it was screaming at me to do something about it. What the flick was I doing with my life? It finally manifested and resulted in quitting my full time job, ending an engagement, a bit of travel and starting a University degree to pursue a new life. My whole life had been turned upside down and I had no idea how to live as this new person. Who am I? Who the hell knew? It sure wasn’t me. That marked the start of my journey. Years later I am still learning every day and working my way to living my most authentic life by listening to that intuition.

Ok…so that got intense. Back to the blog stuff.

  What is The Flick of Approval

The Flick of Approval is about a fun creative outlet for me to put this active living concept to the test while discovering more about my beautiful home of Tasmania. It is a place to discuss all the interesting and helpful things I come across on my journey experimenting with wellness. It may be the latest active wear, inspirational quote, recipe, book I have read, anything! I am here to get real, and take this head on.


But most importantly, it is about you.

I want to share with you everything that I learn along the way. I want to discuss all the tools that I find useful in living an active life. I am writing for people who are trying to navigate the wellness web.


I want to remind you how to listen that inner whisper.

I am here to help you access what you already know and let it guide you to your best authentic life.

I believe we already have everything we need, we just need to remove those internal blockages that are holding us back. I want to show you that a love of yoga and a love of shopping and reality tv can co-exist! Whether you are just starting to dabble with green smoothies or you are a full blown yogi, I want to share with you and hear from you!


While this blog is all about the thoughts and products that I approve, ultimately it is not about what I or someone else thinks about something, but what you think! I would love to hear in your experiences too. What gets your Flick of Approval?

Approval quote

Thank you for stopping over, I would love for you to join me in exploring life, health, opinions, ideas and what achieves the ultimate Flick of Approval. Have a look around and let me know what you think!

Let’s do this,


Flick xx

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