Get your shit together – 12 quick and simple things you can do right now

Sometimes we just need a quick win. Here are twelve things you can do right now to get some positive momentum, satisfaction and more importatly, get your shit together.

1. Write out your schedule for the week

10 minutes – It can bein a physical paper planner or a digital version. Wrinte in your meetings, appointments, workouts, social events, to-dos and immediately feel more organised.

2. Pay an outstanding bill

2 minutes – Log into your banking app and make the transfer. Bonus points for setting up an automated recurring direct debit

 3. Book in for that check up you have been putting off with your doctor/dentist

2 minutes – Make the call, you know you are overdue for a check up! Make sure you put the appointment into your calendar.

4. Book in your car/vehicle for a service

2 minutes – As per 3, start chipping away at those small things that need to be fixed. They add up!

5. Clean your room

20 minutes – Mum was right – make your bed, pick up your clothes and take those dishes out to the kitchen. You will immediately feel refreshed. If your room is already clean, pick a category of clothing or accessories and to a cull/declutter.

6. Clear your email inbox

5-60 minutes – Booo, I find doing this the absolute worst but you will feel super productive afterwards.Cherish that empty inbox feeling.

7. Clean out your fridge or pantry

10-30 minutes – No, you do not need those condiments that expired 2 years ago. Get rid. Now.

8. Batch cook a weeks worth of meals

2 hours – Google a recipe, go to the supermarket, cook it in bulk and put it in some containers in the fridge/freezer. You will have the most relaxed week not having to think of and prepare what to eat (I spend waaaay to long devoted to this task).

9. Set up an automated transfer to a savings account each fortnight (or pay cycle)

1 minute – You won’t even notice it isn’t in your account plus you get to buy something you really want. Win, win!

10. Call a parent or friend just to see how they are going

15 minutes – Look after your relationships and get in touch to say hi (with no agenda or favours), or finally set a date to catch up, they will really appreciate it. Depending on the person, you may need longer than 15 minutes for a chat.

11. Delete photos off your phone

10 minutes – Go through the photos on your phone  from the last month or two and delete what you do not need (hello screenshots and selfies). Try to do this every couple of weeks to keep things under control. You might even find something gram worthy you forgot about or at the least reflect on some fun times.

12. Wear your activewear to do something active, instead of to brunch or on the couch

60 minutes – Yes, you can actually wear your lulu’s to other places than the local cafe. Just do something, a walk counts.

Ta daaaaaaa

You are now that one step (or 12) closer to having your shit together, feeling good about yourself and being the person you want to be!

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