• How to stop comparing yourself to others

What the heck is this “wellness” thing all about anyway?

Yoga, green smoothies, detoxing - the wellness trend is taking over (more than just my instagram feed)! What does it all mean? Does any of this stuff work? Join me for a no nonsense look as I explore and experiment on myself and share what gets the Flick of Approval.


Do you suffer from the comparison curse? How to stop comparing yourself to others

Do you often find that you comparing yourself to others? Have you been struck with the comparison curse lately? Read on for my tips on how to stop comparing yourself and I also share some of my favourite comparison picture quotes. Some things you should know  #1 We all do it. Yep, that’s right. Everybody at some point or another…

love the life you live

Love the life you live – Thursday Thought

So I was just doing my standard google browse for cool image quotes. I like to pin or save any image that I like the format,layout, or if it resonates with me. I stumbled upon this little fella:   Great message. Not only is it important to live your life exactly as it is but to appreciate every second, even the…

blogger to wp

Welcome to my new look blog!

Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time since my last post and there are reasons for this: I have been on holidays from uni (which technically means I have more time for blogging but really means I am enjoying doing didley squat!) I have been working (not really an excuse). So…. as a quick update, apart from…