Want to get your life together and don’t know where to start?

We all want to make our life better, but trends like wellness, minimalism and mindfulness can feel overwhelming (more than just your instagram feed)! So what does it all mean? Does any of this stuff actually work? Join me for a no nonsense look as I explore, experiment on myself and share what gets the Flick of Approval.


How to drink more water

I am sure you have heard a million times that we need to drink at least [insert amount] of water here. Well yes that is true but drinking water all the time is kinda annoying. So I gave myself a challenge and made it my mission to drink 1-2 Litres every day for 30 days. How did I go?

love the life you live

Love the life you live – Thursday Thought

So I was just doing my standard google browse for cool image quotes. I like to pin or save any image that I like the format,layout, or if it resonates with me. I stumbled upon this little fella:   Great message. Not only is it important to live your life exactly as it is but to appreciate every second, even the…

happiness takes effort

Happiness Takes Effort – Thursday Thought

I read this article the other day that someone shared on Facebook from cracked.com titled “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person” by David Wong. Curiosity piqued, I checked it out (warning, it contains lots of swearing). Agree with the content or not, it is definitely an interesting read and a no frills approach to self improvement.…